2017 Global Pay Summary Report – By Region or Global Bundle


A quick reference guide for global compensation professionals, this global HR research report offers data on annual base salary (ABS) and annual total cash (ATC) compensation for 50 consistent benchmark positions across 11 job families from para-professional jobs to top management.

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This HR research report summary helps human resources professionals by providing a quick reference guide for fast, informed decision making.

Divided into two key sections, the overview of benchmark positions section provides ABS and ATC data for a particular job across different locations. Presented in an easy to consume way, this data will allow global compensation professionals understand and compare pay scales and support decision-making without having to sort through volumes of survey data. The country benchmark position section provides a snapshot of salary information for each of the 50 benchmark jobs within a country.

Several key questions about compensation are answered including:

Why use benchmark jobs?
Why is base salary important?
What is the difference between annual base salary and annual total cash compensation?
What are the key steps in the annual compensation planning process?
What factors affect compensation levels?
What factors influence a company’s compensation strategy?

Mercer 2017 Global Pay Summary Report is organized into four main sections:

  1. The Summary of Key Findings section serves as an executive summary for those looking for Mercer’s insights and observations. This section is optimal for anyone looking for global pay and salary trends, market comparisons and other analysis.
  2. The Overview of Benchmark Positions includes a descriptive breakdown of the responsibilities and background of each benchmarked position, as well as the average annual base salary and annual total cash compensation for each position, by country.
  3. The Country Benchmark Positions is a one-stop-shop for HR managers and professionals looking for county-specific data for the 50 benchmark positions. The data are presented in both local currency and USD, and includes low, median and high rates of annual base salary and annual total cash compensation for each position.
  4. The About this Report section delineates the methods used in the report and lists key definitions.


Mercer builds the GPS publication using specific position levels for each country around the world. It is a reader-oriented tool that allows users to quickly and easily compare salary information across regions, and provides users the opportunity to analyze how the costs of maintaining personnel in specific locations may change and evolve throughout their career.

Mercer uses its in-house International Position Evaluation (IPE) methodology to maintain uniformity in specific position levels across the globe. The IPE ensures that positions are consistently matched according to benchmarked roles and responsibilities, and helps to create a one-to-one job mapping system across disparate regions, markets, industries and company sizes.



Additional information

GPS Region

Americas, Asia Pacific, Central & Eastern Europe, GPS Global Bundle, Middle East & Africa, Western Europe

More Report Details

Comprehensive Data

The Global Pay Summary offers an in-depth collection of data and global information.


86 countries. 103 markets.



Asia Pacific (APAC)

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Western Europe (WE)

Benchmark Positions

Key position activities and objectives.

Typical education and experience levels.

ABS and ATC in local currency and USD, reported by position and by country.

Job Families




Human resources.

Information technology.



Research and development.

Sales and marketing.

Supply and logistics.

Top management.

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Mercer Global Pay Summary Report
Mercer Global Compensation Planning Report
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Mercer global pay summary report

Mercer global pay summary report

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