Human Capital Scan®

Your precision diagnostic to optimize human capital performance

Through both qualitative and quantitative measurement, Human Capital Scan (HC Scan) delivers precision insights to leaders by analyzing a range of human capital issues, from the current state of business to the envisaged strategy.

HC Scan equips leaders with a fact-based and in-depth method to evolve the relationships between strategic intent, human capital practices and business outcomes into strategic levers.

HC Scan is part of Mercer’s portfolio of digital diagnostics and holistic approach to optimize how the various dimensions of human capital strategy affect business performance.

More than a moment-in-time “snapshot”, HC Scan drives an on-going decision support discipline.

From Insights to Action

With HC Scan at the center, access precision insights needed to turn action into action.

Artboard 9

Auto-generated dashboards help
leaders spot patterns, get answers and
see recommendations at a glance.

Participants can compare their business
and workforce issues to the results of
other anonymized companies.

Results consultation
Mercer consultants collaborate to apply
HC Scan results to identify, prioritize
and close performance gaps.

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