Car Benefit Policies Around the World – Global Edition


This report presents information on car benefit programs all over the globe. With a consistent set of data on all facets of car benefit policies, it provides HR managers with a deeper understanding of how policies are constructed, as well as how they differ by country and region. This report gives readers a clear picture of the current state of car benefits globally, and examines emerging trends in car benefits over the last decade.


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Presented for the first time, Mercer’s Car Benefit Policies Around the World provides an unprecedented level of detail on a broader scope than any of our products ever before. This publication offers data on car benefit policies in 88 markets, allowing HR and business managers to see the variation in this popular employee benefit across the globe, and also includes detailed and comprehensive data by career level in 45 world markets. Using this up-to-date and vital publication, decision makers on car benefit policies can rest assured in the knowledge that their company’s offering is fair, competitive, and optimized to their specific locations around the world.

Whether you need car policy information for one region or worldwide, CBP offers HR decision-makers a comprehensive collection of global data and information that helps you:

  • Review your company’s car benefit policy against local markets
  • Highlight differences in car benefit policy practices across key markets
  • Identify cost-saving measures

How can Car Benefit Policies Around the World help you?

Should your company alter its car benefit policy based on geography or career level?

Although a global car benefit policy may seem preferable for its simplicity, not every employee needs a company car or car allowance. See the type of car benefits offered in each market, and learn how a company-provided vehicle may mean more to a manager in Brazil than it does to one in Hong Kong.

Does it make more sense for your organization to purchase or lease company vehicles?

Due to company-provided vehicles’ high rate of turnover and usage, policy managers may need to rethink their preconceived notions the virtues of purchasing versus leasing a vehicle. See which markets prefer company-owned fleets and what type of vehicles are most common.

What should your car benefit policy include?

Acquiring a vehicle can be expensive, but operating and maintaining one can add up too. Understand how companies account for vehicle-ownership costs such as insurance, fuel, maintenance, taxes, and other expenses in their car benefit policies.

Report Composition

Car Benefit Policies Around the World includes core policy data for 88 markets and detailed information for 45 markets. The report presents data for five career levels common to most organizations (head of organization, executive, management, professional – sales, and professional – nonsales), and information is organized into the following sections:

  • The Quick Reference Tables contain core policy data for 88 markets; including car benefit eligibility, company-provided vehicles, replacement policies and additional costs, and car allowances.
  • The Car Benefit Policies section provides information on frequency of car benefit policy review, steps taken towards a greener car benefit program, factors considered in determining business need for car benefit, type of car benefit for each employee, frequency of vehicle replacement.
  • The Company-Owned Vehicles section provides information on vehicle types and company coverage of fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs.
  • The Company-Leased Vehicles section provides information on vehicle types and company coverage of fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs.
  • The Car Allowances section offers information on factors considered when determining car allowance amount, monthly allowance amounts, and reimbursement of other vehicle expenses.

Mercer Car Benefit Policies Around the World Global Edition 2017 - Coverage Table

Mercer Car Benefit Policies Around the World Global Edition 2017 – Coverage Table