Generational Talent Trends


This report examines the different employee perspectives of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, and calls out potential gaps between employees’ emerging needs and the actions proposed by HR today. With input from nearly 1,730 HR leaders and 5,500 employees across 15 countries, the report highlights current issues in the world of work across the three generations of employees that make up today’s workforce.

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With a unique focus on the employee voice, Mercer’s Generational Talent Trends examines how each generation in the modern workforce perceives the working world and their role within it. Accounting for the perspectives of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, the report considers how HR can adapt its messaging, services, and role for each distinct generation of employee.

Nearly 1,727 HR leaders and 5,446 employees, and 398 C-suite executives across 15 countries provided their input, giving Mercer’s 2017 Generational Talent Trends incredible insight into the current issues in the world of work across the three generations of employees. Use this report to identify priorities that demand immediate attention for each group, and see which perceptions for each generation remain the same year over year, as well as which change.

Generational Talent Trends provides HR professionals with unique insights on the perspectives of three generations of workers, covering the following topics:

  • Building a culture of growth (careers and work environment)
  • Predicting the future workforce)(skills and views for the future workplace)
  • Creating a thriving work environment

How can Generational Talent Trends help you?

What do the millennials in your workplace expect you to provide?

Much attention has been paid to the newest entrants to the workplace, but little is understood about what really differentiates them from their predecessors. See how Millennials’ view of skills development changes this employee value proposition and the importance of training.

Do you have a handle on how a single generation’s perspective can vary by geography?

Despite being in the same age range, two employees from different parts of the world may have very different feelings on how their career should progress. See how Latin and North American Baby Boomers differ in their view of the importance of defined rungs on the career ladder.

Are you ready to address flex-working with your Gen X staff?

Flexible work schedule solutions have been widely adopted by many forward thinking companies, but employees of different ages may need different support to help navigate this new landscape?