Global Talent Trends Industry Reports


These reports address many of the unique and ever-changing HR challenges within eight industry sectors. See where each sector struggles and succeeds in attracting and retaining talented employees, taking into account how each requires its own unique mix of compensation, benefits, career opportunity, and culture. Stay well informed as you devise the critical strategies to meet these changes head on and remain competitive as a human resources professional, department and organization.

Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Industry Reports are available as eight (8) separate, individual industry editions. Cost is US$750 per edition.

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Our global, industry-specific, talent trends reports provide robust data and analysis across eight different industries: Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy, Financial services, Healthcare, High Tech, Life Sciences, and Logistics. The reports are based on findings from our recently released 2017 Global Talent Trends Study and capture, collectively, the plans and perspectives of over 400 senior executives, 1,700 HR professionals, and 5,400 employees across 15 countries. Our study found that “Empowerment in a Disruptive World” permeates how business leaders, HR professionals, and employees are viewing the “Future of Work.”

Cross Industry

  • Workforce Trends—HR
  • Competition for Talent
  • Employee Preferences
  • Employee Flexibility
  • Employee Satisfaction

Industry Specific

  • Predictions
    • Talent Supply
    • In-Demand Skills
    • Workforce Trends—Employee
  • Priorities for 2017
    • Talent Management
    • HR Analytics
    • HR Planned Changes to Performance Management
  • Employee Experience
    • Employee Value Proposition Differentiators
    • Career Growth
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Thriving Employees
    • Digital Organization

How can the Global Talent Trends Industry reports help you?

Do you know how the C-Suite, HR, and employees vary in their prioritization of employee value propositions?

While you may think that everyone agrees that money is the first priority, survey results say otherwise. See which component of the employee value proposition executives value more than anything else.

How have the preferences of employees changed in the last year?

Last year, employees preferred to see change in the learning and training opportunities provided by employers. See what’s usurped training and ranks as the number one priority of employees worldwide.

Do you have the industry data and insights necessary to attract and retain key talent in a fast-paced, changing world?

The labor market is never static, and most companies anticipate an increase in the competition for talent in the next year. See which specific skills are most in demand, and which markets are headed for the biggest talent crunch.

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Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, High Tech, Life Sciences, Logistics