LGBT Benefits Around the World – Global Edition


This report provides HR and business managers insights into how companies address the benefit-related needs of their LGBT employees. By presenting data on this emerging benefit policy area in both developed and emerging markets, this report offers truly unprecedented insight into one of the corporate world’s most pressing workforce issues.

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Mercer’s 2017 LGBT Benefits Around the World Report is the result of Mercer’s research survey on the range of benefits companies offered in 50 markets around the world. The report examines the prevalence of LGBT-oriented employee benefits, providing guidance to HR and business managers as to how they should revise or structure their own employee benefit programs.

In order to examine and quantify the prevalence of an ever-broadening policy area, the report identifies six specific components of an LGBT-inclusive HR strategy: diversity & inclusion; family planning and care; benefit coverage; gender affirmation treatment; HIV coverage; and LGBT healthcare vendors. Although these components alone do not guarantee an LGBT-inclusive corporate environment, they provide some measure of the state of LGBT benefits around the world.

How can LGBT Benefits Around the World help you?

What separates LGBT benefits from normal employee benefits?

Nothing! Having an LGBT-inclusive employee benefit program does not require a unique fleet of benefit options or mechanisms. Instead, LGBT-inclusiveness involves ensuring that LGBT employees receive the same level of benefit coverage and access as their peers.

What causes LGBT employees to have more limited benefit options?

The answer varies significantly by region, but it’s usually a combination of factors. Legal restrictions, social/cultural norms, and lack of benefit providers are common reasons why LGBT employees have fewer benefits than their peers. Find out what’s holding back employers in your markets!

Should you institute a global policy to ensure equal benefits throughout your organization, or is it best to allow for local control?

The right solution is always the one that works best for your specific situation, but many companies appear to favor a combination of global policies and local implementation plans.

Report Composition

Mercer’s LGBT Benefits Around the World is organized into three main sections:

  1. The Global Survey Findings offers high-level analysis of global results, breaking the notion of LGBT benefits into individual components and policy areas and offering global, regional, and industry results, when available.
  2. The Country Snapshot section details survey findings for all 50 countries in the report. These country pages examine the prevalence of LGBT benefits in each country, considering the same factors and components as the global survey findings: diversity & inclusion; family planning and care; benefit coverage; gender affirmation treatment; HIV coverage; and LGBT healthcare vendors.
  3. The About this Report section includes a methodology for the data acquisition and cleaning process, as well as definitions of key terms used in the report.