Vacation and Other Leave Industry Scorecard


This tool empowers you to see how your organization’s employee leave policies compare with industry standards around the world. Use the interactive scorecard to learn where your leave program is strongest, and reference global data to see how today’s leading businesses handle this key benefit area.

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Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s employee leave program with this simple, interactive tool. Complete the 12 multi-part questions to receive a clear measurement of your vacation, personal, and sick leave policies, and then use the easy-to-use comparative tables to see how you stack up against 10 industry standards.

However, this scorecard is more than just a diagnostic tool. Drawing on a global pool of vacation and employee leave data from the Vacation and Other Leave Around the World report, it features detailed information on standard leave policies for each of the 10 industries surveyed, including valuable global prevalence data. This allows readers to see how each industry handles its leave programs, as well as what they may intend to change.

How can the Vacation and Other Leave Industry Scorecard help you?

Should your vacation leave program be a focus of your employee value proposition?

Sometimes your employees might not realize how good they have it. Measure your organization’s vacation and leave policies against those of your peers, and evaluate whether you should emphasize your leave program when looking to recruit or retain key talent.

Are employers really offering unlimited vacation? 

Business journals and lifestyle blogs have widely reported the emergence of “unlimited vacation” policies, but are employers really embracing the practice? See if you’re falling behind as your peers adopt this new innovative policy in your industry.

How can my vacation and leave policies account for diversity within the workplace? 

Your employees look at leave as an opportunity for them to spend time with family and loved ones, but do your policies reflect that? Consider how family or bereavement leave policies may apply to employees in same-sex relationships, and see how employers maintain flexibility for workers that observe non-federal holidays.

Report Composition

The Vacation and Other Leave Industry Scorecard is organized into the following sections:

  1. The Industry Scorecard portion provides the overall rankings and score for each industry. Complete the “What’s my company’s score?” quiz to find out how your company compares to all 10 industries included in the publication.
  2. The Scorecard Quadrants provides additional detail on the scores and rankings of each industry by evaluating questions in the following quadrants:
    • Policy elements
    • Annual leave days
    • Holidays
    • Miscellaneous leave days
  3. The Prevalence Results provide the general prevalence data for each industry to allow readers to understand which practices are most common for their industry. Results in this section are grouped by industry.
  4. The About this Report section delineates the methods of data gathering and cleaning used for the report and lists key definitions.

More Product Details

Industries covered:

  • Banking/Financial Services/Insurance
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • High Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Other Nonmanufacturing
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Services (Nonfinancial)

Data included:

  • Overall Industry Rankings
  • Industry Scorecard Quadrant Rankings
  • General Prevalence Results for Each Industry

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