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Global business and HR decision making requires constant access to the most recent, and most localized, information. Mercer's Talent All Access® online portal makes finding this information simple and fast. Whether you are focused on business strategy or HR strategy, the data and information you can access through this portal is essential for any manager looking to better understand current pay and benefit programs, make the business case for new or expanded offices, and attract or retain key talent.

For a substantial discount, subscribers can:

  • Access information from more than 25 publications and online resources
  • Easily navigate to the information you need, as the portal is organized to coincide with the way you plan to use the data

Membership grants you access to more than 25 publications, tools, and guides in one place!

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Health & Benefits

Workforce & Careers

  • Car Benefit Policies Around the World
  • Car Benefit Policies Around the World – Global Industry Findings
  • Global Parental Leave
  • Global Parental Leave Industry Scorecard
  • LGBT Benefits Around the World
  • Severance Policies Around the World
  • Vacation and Other Leave Policies Around the World
  • Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines
  • Global Compensation Planning Report
  • Global Compensation Planning 20 Year Look Back
  • Global Pay Summary
  • Short-term Incentives Around the World
  • Workforce Turnover Around the World

Handbooks & Guides

Online Tools

  • Compensation Handbook
  • Global Mobility Handbook
  • HR Atlas Asia Pacific
  • HR Atlas Latin America
  • HR Management Terms
  • HR Guides to Doing Business
  • Global Compensation Planning Online
  • Global Pay Summary Online
  • International Geographic Salary Differentials

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